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Teaching approach

Our fusion of academia and real-world expertise has been the cornerstone of the Policy Institute’s approach and the Strand Group’s success for over three decades.

Our unrivalled teaching team comprises leading academics at the forefront of their fields, alongside renowned practitioners who have shaped policy as pivotal policymakers. Learn from influential figures such as former shadow Chancellor, Ed Balls; The Independent’s chief political commentator, John Rentoul; and the Head of the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit under Tony Blair, Sir Michael Barber.

The MA goes beyond the traditional teaching of British Government. With a strong emphasis on preserving, analysing, and utilizing institutional memory, this interdisciplinary programme will equip students with the practical skills and historical context needed to navigate the complexities of the UK’s uncodified constitution. Precedent, history, and interpersonal relationships take centre stage in our curriculum, mirroring the very fabric of governance itself.